Kenya Medical Engineering limited was established in1997 as a partnership and was later transformed to a limited liability company in 2005 as an importer and manufacturer of high quality and low medical engineering equipment.

We are very proud to have already developed locally the central vacuum/suction pump system and medical Gas manifold and operation celling pendants .We are currently researching on central medical Air plants, central oxygen Generating plants and portable suction pumps.

We are proud to have a nationwide network of business associates that we have developed in the last 10 years our clientele are spread in a wide geographical area in east and central Africa and we are among the leading supplier and Technical service provider in piped medical Gas system.

WE are also proud to be agents of the following major international manufactures and suppliers of medical equipment.

  • AMICO/EMSE CORPORATION (USA): A leading manufacturer of medical Gas Equipment (Vacuum pumps, Air compressors, Gas Manifolds) etc.
  • OXYMAT A/S DENMARK: A leading manufacturer of PSA oxygen Generators and Portable Oxygen concentrators.
  • PRIORCLAVE (UK) LTD : A leading manufacturer of medical & laboratory Autoclaves and the CSSD Equipment’s
  • THERAPY EQUIPMENTS (UK) LTD : Manufacture of oxygen Therapy Equipment’s flow meters Air & oxygen Regulations ,Humidifiers ,Vacuum Regulators Probes.
  • PHOENIX PIPELINE PRODUCTORS (UK): Manufacture of Medical Gas Equipment’s.
  • GUERRA S A.S (ITALY) : Manufacturer of specialized medical Bulbs, phototherapy Tubes ( osr am, Philips, Hanalux).
  • HILLMED CORPORATION (USA) manufacture and supplier of medical Equipment (patient monitor’s infant lubricators, infant warmers phototherapy units, autoclaves etc.) and many other international firms.
  • PRECISSION (UK) LTD: Manufacture of degreased medical Gas pipes and fittings.