What We Offer You

Listed below are some of our services and products

  1. Supply & installation of PSA oxygen Generators
  2. Supply and maintenance of central vacuum pumps
  3. Design & maintenance of medical Gas Distribution manifold system – automatic, semi –automatic and manual change over system. Agent of Amico Corporation USA.
  4. Networking of piped medical gas system (compressed Air vacuum Medical oxygen , low and  voltage Electrical power for hospital) including  installation of medical grade copper pipe, Gas outlets (terminal units). Vacuum Regulators, Gas probes suction jars, etc.
  1. Autoclaves and Sterilizers and spare parts for autoclaves
  2. Operation Theatre Tables, Theatre Examination & operation lights.
  3. Eclectic Solution Machines, Central vacuum pumps, Manual suction pumps, Suction Ejector etc.
  4. Baby warmer, Photo Therapy light and incubators
  5. Hospital beds ,Trolleys ,Couches , Hospital Beds ( Manufacturer and importer of hospital fur nature)
  6. Medical Weighing scales
  7. Patients monitors (ECG) Fetal monitors
  8. X-rays viewers
  9. P machines and their spare parts
  10. Diathermy/ Electro surgical machines and accessories
  11. Anesthesia machines
  12. General Medical replacement spare parts
  1. Dental chairs
  2. Delivery units
  3. Dental compressors
  4. Vacuum systems
  5. Dental scalar
  6. Dental lab equipment
  7. Spare parts and consumables
  1. Laboratory safety fumes cabinets ( hoods)
  2. Water distillers
  3. Conductivity meters
  4. PH meters & Electrodes
  5. Digital thermometers
  6. Water Baths ,Balances
  7. Weighing scales and Environmental Equipment’s
  8. Surgical & lab microscopes
  9. Laboratory Centrifuges
  10. Lab Gas installations

We are registered by ministry of public work as a contractor category (H) to supply, Install and maintain steam Boilers Incinerators and associated work

We are registered contractor category (H) by ministry of public works in the supply installation and maintenance of

  1. Domestic and Commercial refrigerators
  2. Air conditioning system (central Air con. System. Windows and split units)
  3. Cold rooms Freezers
  4. Lab Medical Refrigerators
  5. Blood Banks
  6. Mortuary Equipment
  1. Water treatment system
  2. Dialysis/Renal reverse osmosis Water systems
  3. Laboratory & industrial water system